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Our products and infrastructure.

The first service provider in Somaliland to offer fibre optic network that covers more than 1200km of Somaliland and growing.

Fiber Optic

Our Carrier to Carrier Services enables other telecom operators including mobile operators, ISP’s and cable TV Operators to use its high capacity infrastructure to connect to their clients and backhaul their services to their networks.


Our main objective as a telecommunications company is to bring people closer, and make businesses in the Horn of Africa to take their communications global. save 

Our rapid growth and expertise in the industry attracts the interest of partners. In the over five years we have been operating, our company has enjoyed a sterling reputation in the telecommunication circles and the community in general. Somcable understands the need to improve existing business concepts and develop new and original ideas.


Somcable has a significant presence in the Horn of Africa, in connecting communities for the future. Our goal is to provide potential partners/investors accurate and reliable information on our in order to partner to continue to provide our customers with innovative technology that meets their needs every time.


We invite partners and investors to join us explore new horizons and partner with us to meet the growing demand for East Africa to be a technology hub.

Who We Are

Where are we heading?

Our team prides itself on helping our customers operate their business with most reliable and secure network.

To deliver excellent quality of service at reasonable prices with competitive royalties and aggressive marketing. To leverage state of the art technology nationwide. Offer super fast and secure connectivity for the benefit of our customers.
To propel Somaliland into the digital age and reshape the regional telecommunications by connecting to the Global Fibre Optic Network. Assists organisations with open access to affordable bandwidth and drive economic growth.


Since 2009 Somcable has gone from strength to strength and owns and operates backbone terrestrial fibre optic cables across towns in Somaliland.


Agreed to exclusive 25 year licence fiber obtic network nationide


Began consultation and engineering processes for the first 1000km grid.


Stage One deployment and implmentation network from Djabouti to Hargeisa.


Complete Stage One and luanch highspeed conectivity region wide.


Stage Two Construction of a Metro Network comprising 3 loops in Hargeisa


Complete Stage Three deployment and implmentation network from Hargeisa to Barbera.


Stage Four deployment and implmentation network from Berbara to Burco.

Somcable careers

We offer you the opportunity to grow professionally in a healthy, challenging and rewarding work environment. If you believe your talented, hardworking and dedication, Somcable is probably the right place.

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