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About Us

Who we are Somcable is a state of the art unified fiber optic network company , built throughout the horn of Africa. It currently links Djibouti, Somaliland, Putland, Somalia and covers over 80% of Somaliland. Somcable is an open wholesale fiber optic operator in the international telecom market. It is part of MSG group of companies. The Network infrastructure used by Somcable is designed with redundant paths for traffic to ensure network connectivity at all times. The Metropolitan network (METRO) within Hargeisa has three redundant rings that cover most of the city. There are also metro networks in Boramo, Berbera and Burco that will allow these cities to have coverage of the fiber network. Next Generation Fiber Network based on IP over DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing) which is capable of transmitting data at over 400Gb/s. DWDM based networks can carry different types of traffic at different speeds securely over an optical channel.

Vision & Mission Statement Our vision is to rampantly lead Somaliland into the digital revolution & fiber optic experience of the 21st Century by connecting East Africa to the rest of the world. This will enable business opportunities and development of the region. We are committed to being a customer-oriented and innovative provider of unique communication services across Somaliland and elsewhere in East Africa. We aim to be the leading company in this market and aspire to provide affordable communication services that meet and exceed our customers' requirements and expectations.​

Message From The Group Chairman
Building Imagination

The establishment of our Group across various market sectors in the Middle East, Africa and Asia is undoubtedly one of our greatest achievements. Over the years, the Group has built long-term partnerships with key stakeholders such as financial institutions, various joint-venture partners and consumers. We pride ourselves on being a trustworthy household name both locally and beyond. The MSG Group takes the approach of creating a “win-win’ relationship with all parties involved in our businesses and our professional belief in ethics and quality has evolved into a set of corporate standards and practices which we use as a benchmark for delivering continued excellence. While we look back with pride at our accomplishments and steady growth over the past 40 years, we continue to look forward, utilising both our vast experience and track record to initiate greater value creation in industry whilst also enhancing the standard of living of the populace.
“‘Vision’ is our aspiration, ‘Passion’ and ‘Positive Attitude’ is our motivation.”
These are challenging and exciting times for us as an organisation and for the continent as a whole but our integrity ,honesty and transparency has marked us out from the competition. There is much to be done and many enticing opportunities for those who embrace the commitments and changes that need to be made. We are all going to have to change. ‘Business as usual’. Fortunately, sustainability in business provides us with a map to chart our course forward and the winners are likely to be those individuals and companies that realise the observation of Jack Welch, ‘change before they have to’.Lets keep innovating.

Beyond Compliance

We need to remind ourselves that acting with integrity and honesty is as fundamental to ensuring our long-term sustainability and shared prosperity as any new process or technology. We continue to have ‘zero tolerance’ for unethical or corrupt behavior at any level of the group companies and have been bold and assertive when it comes to making difficult decisions.
It is not just about compliance in itself. We need to explain why unethical behaviour undermines our individual and collective futures. We need to get this message across so that it is understood.
While it is gratifying to note that there has been a perceived improvement in ethical standards and behaviour within the group companies, there is still much we can do to build ethical considerations into performance reviews and to reward exemplary ethical behaviour.

Mohamed Said Guedi
Group Chairman

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25 year Fiber Optic network licence 2009 Stage 1 deployment Dji - Hrg 2011 Stage 2 (3 Loop) Metro Network - Hrg 2013 Stage 3 deployment Hrg - Berbera 2014 Stage 4 deployment Berbera - Burco 2017 2020+